Hi folks. I’m Matt Eland and this site is dedicated to helping the concepts of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data science, data analytics, and game AI be more accessible to people of all experience levels.

I’m a Microsoft MVP in Artificial Intelligence and an AI Specialist and Senior Solutions Developer II at Leading EDJE in Dublin, Ohio. I have over two decades of experience in software engineering as well as three years teaching software engineering professionally. My goal is to continue to teach the community through blogs, Books, and YouTube Videos.

My YouTube Channel

While I try to be broadly applicable, I have a heavy background in Microsoft technologies and believe that Microsoft Azure makes machine learning incredibly accessible so Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services are major areas of focus here.

If you’re interested in my non-data science content, check out NewDevsGuide.com for software engineering content. I’d also strongly recommend reading Refactoring with C# if you have interests in .NET content.

Refactoring with C# Cover

If none of that is what you’re looking for, MattEland.dev has up-to-date links to all channels of content I produce. This site is also a great way to find my various socials to get in touch.

Thanks for checking in and I hope I’m able to help you on your journey!